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Heritage Christian School

PRINCIPAL:  Rev. Albert G. Fontanez

Heritage Christian School (HCS) is a ministry of L.A. Pentecostals and seeks to provide a quality K-12 education in a Christian environment.  For over 30 years we have endeavored to teach the application of Biblical principals to every part of daily life.  Our school places an emphasis upon the greatness of America’s heritage and the sacrifices of its heroes.  We provide an individual-based curriculum which encourages all students to perform and excel at their appropriate level.

Heritage Christian School offers opportunities for students to work independently and cooperatively, and to develop their talents through involvement in Chapel Services and Special Programs throughout the year.  Our high school students develop computer skills with online training courses and also have the opportunity to learn a foreign language.

Our School Staff is well-equipped and compassionate about our school.  We are very blessed to have a Christian School where our children can learn in a Godly environment. Thank God for Christian Education!

Contact Information:
T: 562.806.3761 Ext. 303
E: info@hcsed.net